5 Innovative Tech Web Design Styles For Successful Startups

Web design styles for tech startups: 3D Interactive web design. Personalized Ill

Are you hoping for an article about tech web design, tech business website style, or futuristic web design trends?

Similar like any other common web design trends 2020 post?

Then a big NO!

This post is going to show you some interactive and audience centric tech web design, you surely want to have done for you too.

In the web design industry, every year something new & interesting experiments going on. Some become obsolete but some become trends. Why not we think about to design something fresh, innovative as well as desirable by your target audience?

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How to design a website your audience want to?

It doesn’t matter whether you have one follower/subscriber or 1 million. If you have any sort of presence online, it naturally means you have a personal brand. Your website, business cards, social presence all represent you as the person behind your brand.

Branding is now not limited to a cohesive theme, colors, fonts, logo, or the same sort of copy everywhere. Anyone can copy your brand colors, fonts, even your web copy too.

But no one can copy you. Your branding is you.

That’s why; every tech startup is now investing on a professionally designed website. Why not convey your core message to your audience with your web design style. The communicative website is in demand to engage and entertain the users.

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Choose yours web design style among “5 Innovative tech web design styles for successful startups”

#1 Interactive 3D Web Design

When we talk about interactive web design, 3D modeling instantly clicks in our mind. 3D web design adds realism to interactions. 3D website designs create a strong, exploratory online experience for the users. For your user’s memorable experience visiting your tech website, the visual impact is the most important factor.

Consider including 3D artwork or pseudo-3D effects to your tech web design, as it gives a smooth, sleek, and modern vibe. Some sassy examples to supercharge your vision senses:




#2 Personalized Illustrations

The future of illustration in web design styles is really bright. Illustrations act as a brand voice for your business website. Personalized illustrated characters or elements communicate more effectively with your audience across social media, blog website, flyers, business printed ads, apps, posters, etc.

Illustrations can be of different types like:

Hand-drawn – To give your brand a unique voice of your personality, hand-drawn illustrations appeal very naturally and authentic. You can choose from a variety of different hand-made web design styles like watercolor, doodle, monochrome, black & white, retro for your next website design project. Hand-drawn illustrations help to think outside of the old boxy web designing. To stand out, you need to approach your audience more creatively with professional web design.

Successful live examples of who stand out of the competition:

Abstract Illustration – Abstract illustrations can be tremendously helpful to convey a variety of visual messages using your website as a startup. This web design style includes simple shapes, bright colors, airy lines, human shapes, and vectors and the most important part is, this kind of web design style highlights your individuality among other same-looking websites online. That’s why nowadays more startup technology websites prefer to make their site distinctive. Hiring a professional technology website designer is a must for tech companies because your website serves as the face of your brand. It should represent your brand authentically to build trust with your audience.



#3 Graphics in web design


Just one hero image can convey your brand message universally. How powerful graphics are in the digital design world? But branding doesn’t happen overnight. A good website design really gives a meaning to the work and helps to give your brand a sound structure. There are many unique web design styles for designers to give the client’s website a personal touch but the most effective style is to design custom graphics.

Tailor Brands


#4 Minimal web design style

Minimalism doesn’t mean that it’s easier because of simplicity. This style of web designing needs more efficiency to provide a high level of usability with fewer interfaces. We’re living in the digital era of smart wearable gadgets, that’s why your website design should adopt easier navigation.

Large-scale photos and videos are a part of this web design style to draw the attention of viewers. The designer has to design a magical website using very little text but large artful visuals to convey the business objective.

5 most essential ingredients for a minimalist web design:

1 A lot of negative space

2 Eye-catching imagery

3 Large & striking Typography

4 Simple navigation

5 Hyper-focused content



#5 Photography in web design

While designing tech website designs for our clients, when we ask for images most of them aren’t sure about exactly what look they need? We know very well that every single graphic and each photo should be in line with our client’s website overall aesthetic.

To design a traffic driving and revenue making website, we make sure to communicate brand values with effective photographs selection.

That’s why for your tech website design consider choosing the right photos to get your visitor’s attention at first sight. Because it’s a proven fact that our brain processes image super fast as compared to text. We’re sure that you don’t want to look like your competitors. To stand out, consider hiring a strategic and creative website designer.


Final Words

Web design converts insight into visual web content. So, consider adding brand matching graphics, web elements for a cohesive and clean online presence. For a pleasant user experience, choose a solution providing web design agency not just a service provider.

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