8 Essentials needed while designing a creative website

The post will take you through all the essential elements that a website should

If you’re thinking of starting a business, you can’t simply ignore the online presence, i.e, having a website. The most crucial of all things is to give all-round attention to your website without fail, this is because an ineffective website would cost you high in terms of time and money.

The post will take you through all the essential elements that a website should possess in order to be considered successful. Those days were gone when only having a website was proof of authenticity. At this time of online existence, all you need is a website that works perfectly, otherwise, be ready for a downfall.

Top 8 essentials that you shouldn’t ignore while making a creative website:

Unique Product

The foundation of your business highly depends on - how powerful your product is, along with its online demand. You have to keep in mind that, you’re dealing with a virtual world in terms of the website where the main power lies in the hands of users. Your strategies over the internet can be proved inefficient due to the presence of a large number of competitors. Always remember, the more powerful your product is – the more chances will be there for your growth.

A couple of features your product should contain, in order to be used and recommended by many, are-

  • It should solve the problem of the visitor.
  • It should have some benefits that can lure the visitor to buy it.

Value proposition is the key

The very first thing, every visitor searched over your website is - Value Proposition. The best thing about the value proposition is, it raises the interest inside the visitor in no time. Thus the very first image or text, a visitor would come across plays a great role. It should be perfect if you want the visitor to hang on for a while and explore the great possibilities over your online space.

A website is an open book for business. It communicates everything about it. It presents us with possible ideas a business had gone through and how important it is to have a website.

But we know, many companies don’t value their websites and had missed the possible benefits that they can avail out of it. They had compromised with the design and other essentials of the websites, keeping the entire focus on never growing sales.

This ultimately ends up in a pathetic website and high bounce rates of visitors. Now you have got some basic idea of having a Value proposition.

Position your product

The positioning of your product is the best possible outcome that you can achieve out of your website. Product Positioning is the best way to increase the sale of your product. The concept focuses on targeting potential customers for setting up a positive image of your product such that he or she can differentiate it from the rest of your competitors. If you realize this, there’s no better way than website.

Effectively executing your positioning strategy over your website can resonate with your message into the potential customer which eventually helps you with immense possibilities of growth.

Give your website a “one-liner”

The importance of one-liner for a website is something that can’t be ignored even by top entrepreneurs. The reason being, it attracts, explains, communicates, and distinguishes a website from the rest. It is an important phrase for a website that greets and communicates everything to the visitor about your brand. It is the very first thing, a visitor comes across when he visits your website.

Make your website Credible

If you want more visitors over your website, one thing you going to need is- Credibility.

Credibility makes it easy for you to attract visitors because they feel safe with you. It will be hard for you to have more leads, gain the attention of more visitors, and even selling your product. Today, every other company has issues of credibility. You can’t simply go and convince any of the visitors over your website.

The best way to show how much important credibility is- ask your visitor what they are searching for, what brings them to your website and try to show recommendations that can lure them to click.

Some of the ways you can maintain your credibility are-

  • Reviews and Testimonies
  • Certifications
  • Awards and stats

Trust is all that matters

You can’t ignore the effect of trust over customer’s decision and thus the importance of it. It is highly important that people should trust you and value your worth.

Thus it becomes really important for you to show how trustworthy you are over your website by any means if you want your visitors to convert easily.

You are definitely doing your best to drive the possible traffic via funnels or ads but all this will go in vain if they don’t find you trustworthy after visiting your website. All the possibilities will turn to zero within seconds.

Tell your story sequentially

For sure, you will be having lots of stories to tell, but the important thing is to recite it in the way visitor wants to hear. That’s really hard. This can be effectively done via content marketing over your website. There are huge examples of the websites which are availing the benefits of these sequential storytelling techniques. It is helping them to engage their visitors for longer durations. That’s all matters.

Don’t ignore Call to Action

Call to action always comes in the priority list of the website holders. Whether you want them to fill a contact form, fill details to download your ebook, or just want them to go through your blogs, it is highly recommended to provide CTA in order to direct the visitors in a certain direction.

If you have a Call to Action which is really effective, it can increase your revenue manifolds. Also, this would be a great way if you want to increase your customer base. Right from your social media to your website blogs, people are using Call to action without fail as they know how important it is. All the leading businesses use this essential part in their website to derive useful data related to their customers.

There are some of the Call to Action you can use in your website-

  • Add to cart/ Buy
  • Signups
  • Download now
  • Online chat
  • Share buttons


If your website is lacking some of these essentials, it’s the right time for you to make corrections. An ineffective website would fetch you nothing else but huge bills and disappointment. No doubt, building a website that can do wonders would be hard. But dealing with the fundamentals is necessary if you want to grow online.