Brand Positioning that you can’t ignore in 2021

Your brand positioning plays a vital role in growing your business. Right targeting of customers and communicating them properly make your brand more authentic.

Brand Positioning that you can’t ignore in 2021

For any brand the most important factor to gain value in the eyes of the customer is Brand Positioning. It plays a vital role for all brands and products so as to position their products or services in the market.

We’ll take you through all the turns and share the concept in simpler words so that you can make the best use of this article and make your brand more powerful.

What is Brand positioning?

Brand positioning is defined as the process of positioning your brand product or services in the eyes of the customers i.e how different or unique you portray your brand from your competitors in the market. 

“The act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”   - Philip Kotler

Brand positioning is a positive way to result in good business whereas negative branding can affect the working of your business. Goodwill branding creates a more trustworthy and reliable customer base.

Step by step instructions to Create a Brand Positioning Statement 

When it comes to brand positioning, there are four basic components of a top tier positioning: 

Target Customer: It is the segment and demographics of your target group of customers that your brand is focusing upon.

Market Definition: The category in which your brand is competing, making it almost important to understand the market scenario and its relevance to your targeted customers.

Brand Promise: What extra benefit or advantage that your brand gives to your target customer audience other than your competitors?

Motivation to Believe: What is the most convincing proof that your brand conveys through its promise to the targeted group of customers?

This is a simple brand positioning statement which you can create for your brand as well. 

For [target customers], [company name] is the [market definition] that delivers [brand promise] because only [company name] is [reason to believe].

Importance of brand positioning

Brand positioning is very much important for any business as it creates a platform for the business as well as the target audience to interact through. Positioning sets a valuable position in the minds of your customers thus creating a positive image brings loyalty towards your brand/business.

1. Brand Positioning makes showcase separation 

Let's be honest: the world needn't bother with another gadget. If your organization, items, or services give a remarkable recommendation, resolves a neglected need, or convey an ideal encounter, at that point Brand Positioning will assist you with standing apart from the group by articulating how you are unique. 

2. Brand Positioning gets through the messiness of commotion 

A reasonable Brand Position empowers you to productively and successfully convey and arrive at your intended interest group. Consistently, we're assaulted with promoting and deals messages at each corner. Everybody is competing for your time and consideration. Amidst this commotion, your Brand Positioning gets through the messiness by talking valuable and delivering quality service to customers directly.

3. Brand Positioning makes it simpler for individuals to purchase from you 

Customers need simple choices. They would prefer not to screen 30 choices so as to locate the correct one for them. They need to know effectively and rapidly who to trust and what to purchase. Deliberately and subliminally, Brand Positioning triggers an enthusiastic reaction from your intended interest groups. In the event that the correct switches are pulled in the most limited measure of time, you improve the probability for individuals to choose "yes." 

4. Brand Positioning enables you to provide value among your competitors

Whether your competiting market is a mass audience or luxury segment, a brand positioning clarifies the needs and value to your customer audience. Your worth is the thing that you offer clients, how it fulfills their requirements best, and how the choices offered by contenders are lacking. Without Brand Positioning, you don't have anything to offer however equivocalness. 

5. Brand Positioning justifies pricing for the brand

In some cases, when your worth is known, your image despite everything needs value legitimization. Brand Positioning is the place you've recognized and contrasted your image with the opposition and their particular contribution, which advises whether your value point is vital and advocated. Is it accurate to say that you are higher? Lower? Is it clear to your customers? Will shoppers react well? 

6. Brand Positioning enhance storytelling and communication skills

To write good content for your audience which is reliable and help full, you need to know the brand positioning of your business. You can’t communicate with your audience without knowing their perception and need from your brand. To master this art of communication and storytelling, you need to understand the brand’s uniqueness or market competitors only then you can give something more valuable to your audience.

7. Brand Positioning makes your business more innovative 

The visual plan must form off an unmistakable story, which requires a comprehension of the brand positioning. Okay pick blue or red without knowing what your opposition employments? Imagine a scenario in which you didn't have the foggiest idea, for example, that buyers' desire for explicit food items. It is similar to communicating with your customers through copywriting, just you need to be more imaginary and innovative in your writing style.


Brand Positioning is a powerful tool that makes space for your brand or business in a competitive market. To succeed in brand positioning, you need to understand the needs of your customers and full fill them. Also studying about your competitors will always be an add on and give more than your competitors to your customers will bring huge traffic to your business.