Tools to grow your business exponentially

Get your hands on these amazing tools that sky shoot your business growth and makes you stand out of your competitors.

In this technology-driven time, you can’t ignore the importance of digital marketing in making your business a brand. All the big companies are looking for ways to connect their products with the customers, to make connections with the industrialists, and to provide an insight into their brand, digitally. 

Digital marketing tools are the tools that you require while marketing your brand over the internet. They help you grow in a better way and guarantees your visibility over the search engines. Keeping these things in mind, here are a certain important digital marketing tool that can help your business to grow exponentially. 

1. Google analytics

Almost every other website over the internet uses Google Analytics.

The data from the authentic sources say that almost more than 50 million websites all over the world use Google Analytics to derive accurate stats.

The tool provides you the advantage of making better reports and gives you an insight into how people are looking for and using your services. The area they belong to, the channel with the most lead possibilities, downloads, etc.

The best part is you can do the A/B testing over the new platform known as Google optimize. It is very handy in use and is connected to google analytics giving you an opportunity to look for the results immediately so that you can do the decision making very efficiently.

One thing to keep in mind is, you should go for testings within every 7 to 14 days and not to leave it at any cost. In this way, the tool can help you in the longer run.

The tool has enough power if you know how to avail of its benefits and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will only create winning opportunities for you.

2. Google Search Console

If you want to know search traffic over your website, there’s nothing better than Google search console. It helps you measure your performance and fix any issues if it exists, to provide you better ranking over Google search engine.

You can even look at the Query that drove the user to your website. Analyze the clicks, your position over google search and impressions over your website.

For making the google to crawl over your website smoothly, you can submit the URLs and can even make sitemaps over it. Always review the index of your website with Google search console, remove the broken links (if any) to provide google with fresh results.

The tool allows you to receive the emails if your site undergoes any issue. Hunt for the URLs that might have caused issues and notify google when you are done with them.

3. Ubersuggest

If you are a content writer or writes for someone over the internet then you must have a proper idea about the importance of keyword research.

It is mandatory to find the right keywords before writing any blog because this will optimize your content and will give a better ranking to you over a google search results. In case you wish to be more discoverable, ensure to find high-quality keywords for your website or blog.

Ubersuggest is the keyword research tool that is fast and very easy to use. Not only it gives you efficiency to find high-quality keywords but it also makes it simple for you to find long-tail keywords. The best part is - you don’t have to spend any penny (it’s Free). Ubbersuggest extracts all the data from Google keyword planner and Google suggests without compelling you to log in.

You can obviously go for Google Keyword planner, but nothing can beat Ubbersuggest when it comes to Easiness.

4. CrazyEgg

The best way to know that how the people are engaging with your website is Crazy egg. 

For how much time they are scrolling over your pages. The places where they are doing the clicks. You can easily extract such type of data in the Crazyegg, there is no need to learn any coding for this, you don’t need to be engineer, just start using Crazyegg. 

Adjustment of the page is very easy to do and you can perform the test like A/B to maximize your sales prospect. Crazyegg gives you full opportunity to convert all those coming to your pages or website. 

There are various types of reports that you can make by using Crazyegg, like, Scroll maps, Confetti Report, overlay, and lists. Let’s look at a couple of them -

Scroll map: If you wish to improve time over your page, you must look for areas of transition where you can able to change the color of your scroll map. The scrolling time depends on the placement of your content. Thus make sure you place it really well. 

If you don’t want people to exit your page, blog or website then your content should match their expectations. The placement of CTA should be on your landing page. So that they will go through your entire funnel very smoothly.

Confetti Report: Investigate well to find out how the customer came to know about your website whether through referral or via search results. Then start adding the keywords based on that list.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot provides you with various tools to grow your business irrespective of which stage you are at.

Many of these tools are free of cost. If you are in the initial phase of your business, all you need is these Free tools. You can easily set up Google forms, the pop-up forms to get the leads for yourself and the live chat platforms.

When you opt for the premium version of the tool,  you have to deal with various sophistication and advance options.

Right from your social media marketing, content management, email trackings to lead conversion, Hubspot is one place solution for your business. Also, you can integrate various other tools to work along with it.

What you can do with the tool - Increase your traffic density, conversion of the leads, and improve return on investment through various campaigns.


There are no chances that businesses will survive or can even compete in the competitive market without any digital strategy. If you want consistent growth, your dependence over these tools becomes inevitable. The businesses that have recognized the potential of digital marketing tools like Google analytics, console, uber suggest, etc, are moving with a much better pace in this competition-driven economy.

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