Top 8 Traits of high-growth websites in 2021

Want to grow your business through website and attract potential customers? Learn from these crucial traits.

There are ample reasons why your website is not among the top-rated ones. The most prominent question in the SEO forums goes like this - "Despite efforts, I am not getting sufficient organic traffic. Why so?"

You are lucky enough to have the answer here. The blog will take you through all the nits and grits related to your stagnant growth. Not only this, but it will also recommend the best strategies that you should adopt to come out stronger over google searches.

Let’s jump to the traits of high-growth websites that can help you in growing your business.

Low bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an important topic that most high rated websites take care of. Every single website owner doesn’t want their visitors to bounce back. The reason is - Bouncing restricts your chances of growth.

If you have a website, you might have gone through your bounce rate over google analytics. If you have a high bounce rate, that means you haven’t done anything good for your website yet. All high-rated websites make sure their website has a low bouncing rate. Everything here depends on how you perform SEO. No one in the web world wants their visitor to leave their site soon. If you want to be in the queue of a well-growing website, just make sure your bounce rate would fall as much as possible.

Proper Call to Action

One of the key ingredients of the top rating websites is Call to Action (CTA). Whether you want the visitors to fill your contact form, log in for a newsletter or just go through the blogs, there’s no other way than providing a call to action.

The main benefit of the call to action is - It helps you with more revenue along with more potential customers. Right form your blogs to your social media, all the websites use these essential tools to grow in their business.  All the businesses, to derive positive results, try to use a call to action in every possible way over their websites and social media platforms.

Good Typography

One of the best tools for your website growth is Topography, which when used perfectly can give you better traffic over your website. Most of the high-ranking websites use this strategy. The tone, emotion, and pitch you want to convey to the customers out there, height depends on the font, size, and format you use.

As the device resolution is increasing, you can easily customize your fonts. In the case of headers, you can consider them essentials for SEOs that allow the visitors to crawl through the information they want. The style of font is the best way of improving user experience. Providing Bold fonts with enlarged size can be used to provide high-quality headers to the visitors, which eventually helps you get good organic traffic

Attractive Design

An attractive design of your website allows the visitor to crawl all over your website for longer durations. The very first thing is, your website should catch someone’s eye within seconds. You can try various color combinations for this to happen. If you successfully grab some visitor’s attention, then only we can say your website is attractive in a way. This is the best trait most of the top-rated websites opting nowadays.

Many things depend on your website’s design. It can even lead you to success or can even destroy you at once. The number of your potential customers depends on how you present your website to them. The better your design will be, the better will be the conversion rate. This eventually helps you to earn more business revenues.

Ask for Emails

An email is the best way to communicate with customers. Thus grabbing the list of emails from potential customers is a must. You can’t just go and simply ask for anyone’s email. All the top-rated websites use proper means to attract the customers and ask them to submit their emails.

If you think directly asking someone’s email would be great, then it is not like that. This can be proved counterproductive. But in case you have direct access to the emails, you might have some advantages as well. Just try to write high-quality mail to the mail addresses you have and within that include all of your contact information. Always try to ask them if they want your messages on a regular basis, in case they show a positive response, as them to reply as soon as possible.


Every time you reply to someone over your website it is not that you are just chatting with a person. But at the same time, you increase the chance of finding more potential customers. All the top-performing websites probably assign two agendas to their responses. First, the response should be accurate and according to the query being asked and Second, it should be written in such a way that would help anyone who read it. This will make sure you will come across more potential customers.

When your response is oriented towards multiple customers, for example, FAQs, it makes your customers feel good about your responses and your priority towards your potential customers. You should opt for this strategy to compete with other well-performing websites.

Good Loading speed

Google has taken “speed” as one of the ranking factors. The importance of this factor becomes more when it comes to mobile. All the top ranking websites over google search, have good loading speed because they are following google’s instruction on loading speed wholeheartedly. So, in case your website is not doing well, this might be a possible reason among many.

Why has Google decided to take it as a ranking factor? 

The answer is obviously a better user experience. Your slow loading website cuts the possibility of landing the organic traffic. A visitor over your website hovers more only when you provide them with a high loading experience. Not only this, but it also increases your conversion and reduces your bounce rate.

Better Host

Some people think hosting doesn’t make much difference. But if you opt for a wrong host, it can give a devastating effect to your website

Can affect your SEO negatively: If most of the time your host goes down, this would lead to a decrease in your website ranking. Thus making it hard for people to get access to your website, which eventually means - less traffic. Also, if your host provides you less response time, it’s time for you to change the host.

Effect on your revenue: Before selecting your host, make sure the return on investment of your host is positive. In case you have gone for the wrong host then your revenue might suffer in the long run. Every time your website goes down, you will fall short of customers that eventually drain your profit.


If you want your website to rank well, you need to put in all the effort. By keeping in mind all the things mentioned in this article, you can make it happen. Be patient towards the results because everything takes time. While performing all the strategies, just try to measure all your progress via google search console or any other third party console you believe in. All the things mentioned above, for sure, are going to raise your ranking and provide you with huge organic traffic.